Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is keeping customers connected at all times and in all places and our clients need to move beyond the traditional desktop model to meet their customers' needs.
At our offshore development center, Hanu provides mobile application development and testing on various technologies including Windows Mobile, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server Compact Edition. Hanu provides the full spectrum of mobile application development services, from initial design and architecture to development and integration into your existing technologies. Using our industry intelligence and technical expertise, Hanu designs and develops mobile web applications as well as mobile client applications.
Clients that move their current database technology to handheld devices benefit from highly effective synchronization between handheld devices and servers and the flexibility to use the solution with any Windows Mobile phone.
What Hanu can do for you:
1-Design, Develop and Test the mobile applications for handheld devices.
2-Develop Synchronization Mechanism between Mobile Device and Central Server or Legacy Application.
3-SMS / MMS Message Delivery to the Mobile and PDA Devices (e.g. ringtone delivery).

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